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Your Town Magazine

Two Publications To Choose From!

Our Rockdale/Newton Publication DIRECT MAILS to Residences and Businesses in Conyers, Covington, Oxford, Porterdale, and Social Circle.

Our Newest Publication DIRECT MAILS to all Residences and Businesses in the City of Stonecrest and City of Lithonia.


David Shipp

Puritan Dry Cleaners, West Avenue, Honey Creek, & Salem Road, Conyers 770-483-7331

As soon as the first mailing went out I started to see a lot of new customers. I am not sure if it is the attractive look of the publication, new design of my ad or the fact that it is reaching all of Rockdale County residents instead of a selected few.

Keish Momin

Dairy Queen, Dogwood Drive, Conyers 770-483-9643

I have advertised in many other publications in the past but when I placed my message in Your Town Magazine I was extremely amazed at how many offers was redeemed. After receiving over 400 responses from my first ad I will definitely go into the next publication. It is nice to know there is finally a publication that reaches every home, apartment and business.

Gregg Meadows

G & R Muffler & Brake, Iris Drive, Conyers 770-648-8253

The choice to advertise in Your Town Magazine came about when my competition that was next door to me was advertising in the publication. Since my shop was right before his shop some of his customers were coming inside my shop to redeem his offer. Being the professional I am I sent them to him and counted how many potential customers I sent his way. After my analysis of the two publications I was presently in I determined that I sent more people to him because of their mistaking me for him than I got in return from all my other advertising. I can only imagine how many he received that I did not know about. I am now in Your Town Magazine and plan on staying.

Cindy Lockhart

Independent Beauty Consultant w/Mary Kay Cosmetics, Conyers 770-761-8961

During the last couple of years Mary Kay Cosmetics has began a much more concentrated effort of advertising through public media sources. We each build our customer base one client at a time so I haven’t done too much in print advertising. I really wasn’t sure what to expect from my ad in Your Town Magazine but since it was going to 36,500 people I knew the odds of attracting new clients was good. What few times I’ve placed ads in other papers/booklets, it appears to be a competition with a couple of other cosmetics companies. In this book I’m an exclusive and many of the other business categories are too. I have been extremely pleased with the new faces I’m meeting and look forward to being in as many future issues as possible. I love being able to offer the ‘Best Selling Cosmetics in the US’ to everyone in this area. I am also building a team of women who want to do the same and increase their income. My service and pampering is FREE, just call me for an appointment.

Dave Ousler

Pa Pa’s Country Buffet, Sigman Road at Hwy 138, Conyers 770-922-6591

Being the longest lasting independent restaurant in Rockdale County we have always been faced with the dilemma of knowing the best publication to get our name out to the public. We really like the quality of Your Town Magazine and especially like that it is mailed to everyone in the county not just a select few. That takes all of the guess work out of the equation when trying to figure out which publication would be best. In the months that we have advertised in Your Town Magazine we have seen great results in new clients coming to our store that always say they did not even know we were here. I have often wondered if other publications that we have been in actually got mailed. Your Town Magazine provides me with proof of mailing that few others have ever given me.